“Sometimes, music can communicate in a space uninhabitable by even the most wildly ambitious words,” writes John at Windstrewn. “Lake Ransom” is his latest piece: an original, ambient musical composition.

via Lake Ransom — Discover


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  1. I appreciate the reblog, Rita! Might I kindly suggest you complete your ‘About’ page? I, for one, always go there first when visiting a new blog, simply to become acquainted with the person pulling the strings and to better understand what they are wanting to accomplish in sharing what they share. Think of it a handshake! I see so many wonderfully written pieces across the community on blogs that lack a completed ‘About’ page and, while I enjoy what I read in almost all cases, I always move on with the regret that I didn’t get to learn a little more about the person at the other end of the pen!

    That said, I love these brief introductions to members of the animal kingdom! Very cool to get to know our fellow inhabitants on earth. One would hope that interest and knowledge would inspire us to better consider them as neighbors more than inconveniences to be fenced away!


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