BLUE SHARK 전주건마 전주오피 오피쓰

The “Prionace glauca” is a beautiful shark, with a blueish skin which gives it its common name. The term “glauca” comes from the Latin meaning “blue-gray” or “green.” It is the most distributed shark in the world. The aerodynamic shape and lightness of the blue shark body allow it to move “elegantly” across the oceans. It exhibits countershading like many other sharks. The upper part is an indigo blue tone while the ventral and the sides are white.



The blue shark inhabits in a great diversity of areas around the world. It dwells temperate, tropical and subtropical waters up to 350 meters deep. It lives near the coasts except those of Antarctica. It concentrates mainly in latitudes between 20 ° and 50 ° north and likes waters with temperatures of between 7 ° and 16 ° centigrade, although it can tolerate warmer temperatures slightly above 21 ° Celsius. It is a carnivorous predator that feeds on about 24 species of cephalopods and 16 species of fish. Its diet includes octopus, squid, mackerel, tunas, lobsters, crabs, small sharks and occasionally seabirds. They usually seek to catch small prey, but if they find large mammal carrion, it becomes part of their food.


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