MADRAS TREE SHREW 전주건마 전주오피 오피쓰

The Madras Treeshrew also known as the Indian Treeshrew, is a small mammal that lives in the hilly forests of southern India. It is related to the other treeshrews; however it is in a different Family, and is monotypic (only one kind). The Madras Treeshrew is omnivorous, and has the same kind of unspecified molars as the other Treeshrews in the order Scandentia. They resemble most other treeshrews, however have larger ears, and also are speckled brown, yellow or black over their fur.



The main body of fur usually has a reddish tinge and the ventral area is white most of the time – although all these colorations will vary from individual to individual. They are usually 16-18 centimeters in length (6-7 inches) and the tail is usually that same length making the total length about 32-36 (13-17 inches long). On average they will weigh about 160 grams (5 and a half ounces) although larger specimens have been recorded.


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