MUSK OX 오피쓰 전주건마 전주오피

Musk ox is a type of cloven-hoofed mammal that belongs to the bovid family. It can be found in the northern parts of North America and Eurasia. Musk ox inhabits cold Arctic tundra. Unlike mammoths and saber tooth cats, musk oxen managed to survive end of the last Ice Age. Musk oxen were massively hunted in the past because of their meat, hide and horns. Thanks to strictly defined hunting policies, population of musk oxen managed to recover (more than 100.000 animals exist in the wild). Even though they are currently numerous, musk oxen can suffer from the climate changes in the future.



Musk oxen are herd animals, and groups of two or three dozen animals are sometimes led by a single female. Herds use cooperation to deal with predation by wolves or dogs. When threatened, they “circle the wagons” and array themselves with their young in the middle and their sharp horns facing outward toward their foes. A cornered musk ox can be a fearsome enemy, charging with its massive bulk and attempting to use its horns to deadly effect.


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