RED BROCKET DEER 전주오피 오피쓰 전주건마

The red brocket is the largest of all brocket deer, and also has the greatest range. Named for its foxy red coat, this stout bodied deer with slender limbs has white fur on the inside of the legs, throat, lips, inner part of the ear and the lower part of the tail. Young red brockets have whitish spots on their coat . Like the majority of deer species, male red brockets have antlers, but they are generally only short, dagger like spikes. These antlers can be shed at any time of the year, and may be kept for over one year. Fourteen subspecies of the red brocket are currently recognised.



Gray brocket deer inhabits areas covered with thorny scrubs, savannas, swamplands and borders of the forests. Number of gray brocket deer in some areas is declining due to accelerated habitat loss and hunt (mostly because of the meat and pelt). Exact number of remaining gray brocket deer in the wild is unknown. This species of deer is listed as data deficient.


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